Ashley Lewis
Ashley LewisK1, Kickboxing, Boxing 78-84kg

WCA World Pro Kickboxing Champion.
WCA European Pro Kickboxing Champion.
WCA English Pro Kickboxing Champion.
WFA English Boxing Champion.
WRSA English Pro Kickboxing Champion.
TFC English Pro Kickboxing Champion.

Joe Meachin
Joe MeachinK1, Kickboxing, Boxing 72-75kg

WCA World Kickboxing Champion 72-74kg
WCA World Kickboxing Champion 74-76kg
WCA European Kickboxing Champion.
WFA Commonwealth KB Champion.
TFC English Boxing Champion.
WCA English Kickboxing Champion.
WCA English Sport Boxing Champion.
WRSA English Kickboxing Champion.
WRSA English Boxing Champion.
WFA British Kickboxing Champion.
WFA British Sport Boxing Champion.
TFC English Sport Boxing Champion

Carl Mallinson
Carl MallinsonKickboxing, Boxing. 86+kg

WCA World Kickboxing Champion.
TFC World Kickboxing Champion.
WCA British Sport Boxing Champion.
WRSA 6-Nations Kickboxing Champ.
Holder of 10 Championship Title Belts.

Victoria Perkins
Victoria Perkins K1, Kickboxing, Boxing 56-58kg

WCA World Junior Kickboxing Champion
IKF British Junior Kickboxing Champion
WKU Welsh Kickboxing Champion
ISKA Welsh Kickboxing Champion
ISKA Southern Area Kickboxing Champion

Grant Mallinson
Grant MallinsonKickboxing, Boxing 68-74kg.

WCA European Kickboxing Champion @84-86kg
WCA English Kickboxing Champion
WCA English Boxing Champion.
TFC Continental Kickboxing Champion.
ISKA English Kickboxing Champion.
WRSA British Kickboxing Champion

Ricky Jones
Ricky JonesK1, Kickboxing, Boxing 65-67kg

WCA European Kickboxing (low kick) Champion 69-71kg
WCA English Kickboxing Champion 68-70kg
WCA Southern Area Kickboxing Champion 67-69kg
TFC South West Area Boxing Champion 64-66kg

Aine Matthews
Aine MatthewsKickboxing, Sport Boxing 65+kg
Leanne Lewis
Leanne LewisK1, Kickboxing, Boxing 58-62kg
Sam Hartman
Sam HartmanSport Boxing 78-80kg
Christian Okun
Christian OkunKickboxing 74-77kg
Dalton John
Dalton JohnKickboxing 58-60kg

WCA British Kickboxing Champion 58-60kg

Nino Raia
Nino RaiaK1 Rules 67-70kg
Ciro Riccio
Ciro RiccioMMA, K1 Rules, Kickboxing 73-75kg
Jess Warn-Bromley
Jess Warn-Bromley Kickboxing, Sport Boxing 58+kg
Craig Liddell
Craig LiddellSport Boxing 78-84kg

WCA British Masters Sport Boxing Champion @ 80-82kg.
WCA English Pro Kickboxing Champion.
WRSA Area Pro Kickboxing Champion.
WCA Area Champion Kickboxing.

Lorenzo Panaro
Lorenzo PanaroK1 Rules, Thai 87-90kg
Daniele Chavari
Daniele ChavariMMA, K1 Rules, Kickboxing 96+kg

WCA Pro European K1 Rules Masters Champion 

Daniel Herbert
Daniel HerbertKickboxing, Boxing 50-55kg
Sergio Pesce
Sergio PesceK1 Rules, MMA, Kickboxing 88-90kg

WCA European Masters Kickboxing Champion 86-88kg

Gabriele Panaro
Gabriele PanaroK1 Rules, Kickboxing 78-80kg
Umberto Lucci
Umberto LucciMMA, K1 Rules 88-90kg
Jamie Claridge
Jamie ClaridgeSport Boxing 70-74kg

WCA English Sport Boxing Champion 74-76kg
(U17 Division)

Jon Smith
Jon SmithK1, Kickboxing, Boxing 84-86kg

WCA European K1 Rules Am Champion 80-82kg
WCA Southern Area Boxing Champion 84-86kg

Ros Wilson
Ros WilsonKickboxing, Boxing 54-56kg

WCA English Pro Kickboxing Champion
@ 54-56kg

Harry Thompson
Harry ThompsonSport Boxing 71-73kg

WCA Southern Area Boxing Champion
@ 69-71kg

Constantine Radoi
Constantine RadoiKickboxing, Boxing, MMA 60-64kg

WCA English Sport Boxing Champion

Aiden Claridge
Aiden ClaridgeSport Boxing 90-94kg

WCA Southern Area Boxing Champion 89-91kg

Michelle Nash
Michelle NashKickboxing, K1, Boxing 62-65kg
Hannah Carey
Hannah CareyBoxing 50-54+kg
Romelleo Da Silva
Romelleo Da SilvaK1, Kickboxing, Boxing 88-94kg

WCA European Pro K1 Rules Champion
TFC European Pro K1 Champion
ISKA British Pro K1 Champion
EFF European Pro K1 Champion

Meagan Murdoch-Henry
Meagan Murdoch-HenryK1, Boxing 70kg
Megan Lloyd
Megan LloydKickboxing 58-61kg
Sally Hassona
Sally HassonaBoxing

Golden Gloves Boxing Champion:
Gold Medalist 69kg

New South Wales Certified Registered Boxing Coach 
Combat Sports of New South Wales licensed Coach 
Boxing Australia & AIBA level 1 coach
(International Olympic Boxing Association)
Ben Heap
Ben HeapKickboxing, Boxing 80-82kg

WCA European Pro Champion
Kickboxing @ 78-80kg
WCA British Champion
Sport Boxing @ 77-79kg

Kane Mallinson
Kane MallinsonBoxing 67-70kg
WCA South West Area Boxing Champion
TFC South West Area Boxing Champion 67-69kg
Danny Heap
Danny HeapBoxing 68-72kg
Katy Simmons
Katy SimmonsKickboxing, Boxing 57-62kg

TFC English Kickboxing Champion
WCA Area Kickboxing Champion

Ryan Edmundson
Ryan EdmundsonK1 Rules, Thai

3 x World Champion
WRSA K1 Rules World Champion.
WRSA Full Contact World Champion.
WRSA ‘A’ Class Thai Box World Champion.
ICO Pro European Full Contact Champion.
WKA European K1 Rules Champion.
WRSA K1 Rules British Champion.
IKF European Full Contact Champion.
Unified the World Titles to Win the Champion of Champions Title

Scott Hamilton
Scott HamiltonK1, Muay Thai

3 x World K1 Champion
International Fighter 

James Surry
James SurrySport Boxing 70-72kg
Sean Malden
Sean Malden
Sport Boxing 70-72kg

WCA European Sport Boxing Champion
@ 70-72kg

Curtis Wadley
Curtis WadleyK1 Rules, Muay Thai 70kg
Lewis Mulhall
Lewis MulhallKickboxing, Boxing 55-58kg

WCA English Sport Boxing Champion

Andrew 'Bear' Watts
Andrew 'Bear' WattsBoxing 70-74kg

WCA European Boxing Champion
WCA English Boxing Champion
TFC English Boxing Champion
WRSA English Boxing Champion

Nick Morrish
Nick MorrishSport Boxing 88-90kg

WCA Celtic Masters Boxing Champion
@ 88-90kg

Liam Smith
Liam SmithSport Boxing 83-85kg
Gary Patterson
Gary PattersonKickboxing 67-69kg

WCA Southern Area Masters Champion
Kickboxing 67-69kg

Leuan Davies
Leuan DaviesBoxing 72-76kg
Joe Patterson
Joe PattersonK1, Kickboxing, Boxing 54-57kg

WCA Southern Area Kickboxing Champion

Alan Huarte
Alan HuarteK1, Muay Thai 62-66kg
Kieran Bush
Kieran BushK1 Rules, Muay Thai 68kg
Kyle Roberts
Kyle RobertsKickboxing, Boxing 60-64kg
Aron Haynes
Aron HaynesKickboxing, K1 Rules 71-73kg
Michal Filozof
Michal FilozofK1 Rules 73-75kg
Daniel Longman
Daniel LongmanSport Boxing 70-72kg
Steve Smith
Steve SmithK1, Kickboxing 81-85kg

TFC European Pro K1 Rules Champion
WCA English Pro Kickboxing Champion
TFC British Pro Kickboxing Champion

Fraser Besant
Fraser BesantSport Boxing 78-80kg
Mark Claridge
Mark ClaridgeSport Boxing 76-78kg
Simon Jefferies
Simon JefferiesBoxing 92-96kg
Andrew Jefferies
Andrew JefferiesSport Boxing 92+kg

WCA Southern Area Champion
Sport Boxing 93-95kg

Luke Chapman
Luke ChapmanBoxing 72-77kg
Hammertime Promotions:
Super Heavyweight Champion 96.4+kg
Phil Whitlock
Phil WhitlockKickboxing 77-81kg

WRSA English Am Kickboxing Champion
Taekwondo World Champion
WFA English Am Kickboxing Champion

Mark Skidmore
Mark SkidmoreK1, Muay Thai
Callum Belcher
Callum BelcherBoxing 91.9 - 96.4kg

WCA Area Sport Boxing Champion
@ 91.9-96.4kg

Andrew Perkins
Andrew Perkins K1, Kickboxing, Boxing 62-64kg

WCA Area Kickboxing Champion 
WKU Welsh Junior Kickboxing Champion

Stu Cole
Stu ColeSport Boxing
Lee Wall
Lee WallKickboxing, Boxing 67-69kg

WRSA Southern Area Champion 67-69kg
WFA World Title Contender
Sport Boxing

Callum Gilbert
Callum GilbertKickboxing, K1 70-72kg
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy SmithKickboxing 84kg
Ellis Gal
Ellis GalBoxing 73-75kg
Jamal Chevolleau
Jamal ChevolleauSport Boxing
William George
William GeorgeBoxing 67-71kg
WCA Southern Area Boxing Champion
Gelis Antonio
Gelis AntonioBoxing 93.0+kg

WCA English Boxing Champion.
WRSA English Boxing Champion.
WFA British Boxing Champion.

Adam Plant
Adam PlantKickboxing
Aeron Keane
Aeron KeaneKickboxing, Boxing 67-69kg

WCA Celtic Junior Kickboxing Champion

Jake Heal
Jake HealBoxing 70-72kg
Giuseppe Crisci
Giuseppe CrisciK1 Rules, Sport Boxing, MMA 59-61kg
Ben Dunn
Ben DunnSport Boxing 75-77kg
Christopher Lee
Christopher LeeK1 Rules, Kickboxing, Boxing 77-83kg
Wayne Fuller
Wayne FullerBoxing 80-82kg

WCA Master Celtic Champion
Sport Boxing @ 80-82kg

Nick Gigg
Nick GiggBoxing 92+kg

WCA Celtic Champion
Sport Boxing @ 95+kg

Gary Everett
Gary EverettK1, Kickboxing 67-69kg

WCA Southern Area Kickboxing Champion

Giovanni Scognamiglio
Giovanni ScognamiglioK1 Rules 78-82kg
Shawn Townsend
Shawn TownsendKickboxing, K1 Rules 77-79kg

WCA Southern Area Kickboxing Champion
77-79kg • (Low-Kick)

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