Victoria Perkins
Victoria PerkinsKickboxing, Boxing 56kg (C)

WCA World Kickboxing Champion
IKF British Junior Kickboxing Champion
WKU Welsh Kickboxing Champion
ISKA Welsh Kickboxing Champion
ISKA Southern Area Kickboxing Champion

And many more titles, awards and belts…

Kieran McDermott
Kieran McDermottKickboxing 60+kg

WCA British Kickboxing Champion
@ 58-60kg
WCA English Kickboxing Champion

Harry Thompson
Harry ThompsonKickboxing 70+kg
Archie Connolly
Archie ConnollyKickboxing, Boxing 49.1+kg (J)
WCA South West Area Boxing Champion 49.1kg & below
Jordan Darragh
Jordan DarraghKickboxing, Boxing (J)

WCA English Kickboxing Champion 49.1kg and below

And many more championship titles, awards and belts…

Jason Gratton
Jason GrattonKickboxing, Boxing 52-55kg (J)
Jamie Claridge
Jamie ClaridgeSport Boxing 70-74kg

WCA Southern Area Champion
Sport Boxing @ 70-72kg

Harrison Connolly
Harrison ConnollyKickboxing, Boxing 55-60kg
George Garner
George GarnerSport Boxing 61+kg

WCA English Sport Boxing Champion (Cadet)

Luke Williamson
Luke Williamson Kickboxing 58-63kg
Bradon Howe
Bradon HoweKickboxing 53-56kg

WCA Cadet Celtic Kickboxing Champion
@ 52-54kg

Joe Patterson
Joe PattersonKickboxing 51+kg
Sam Hartman
Sam HartmanKickboxing, Boxing 62-64kg
Cole Marr
Cole MarrKickboxing 55-59kg
Alfie Connolly
Alfie ConnollySport Boxing 54+kg

WCA English Sport Boxing Champion
Colt @ 54kg

Aidan Claridge
Aidan ClaridgeSport Boxing 90+kg

WFA Southern Area
Super Heavyweight
Sport Boxing Champion
Colt @ 90+kg

Aine Matthews
Aine MatthewsKickboxing 74+kg
Lucy Sharp
Lucy SharpKickboxing 55-60kg
Andrew Perkins
Andrew PerkinsKickboxing, Boxing 53kg (J)
3 x WKU Welsh Junior Kickboxing Champion
Aeron Keane
Aeron KeaneKickboxing 55-60kg
Kurtis Ham
Kurtis HamBoxing 31-34kg
Levi Murray
Levi MurraySport Boxing 32+kg

WCA S/Area JNR Sport Boxing Champion

Oli Kilgor
Oli KilgorSport Boxing 46+kg
3 x WKU Welsh Junior Kickboxing Champion
Joseph Perkins
Joseph PerkinsKickboxing 35kg (J)
Tyler Rogers
Tyler RogersSport Boxing 30+kg
Taya Penny
Taya PennyKickboxing, K1 Rules 37+kg
Fred Fuidge
Fred FuidgeKickboxing 38+kg
Robbie Sweetin
Robbie SweetinKickboxing 38+kg

WCA Celtic Kickboxing Champion
Junior @38kg

Harvey Keane
Harvey KeaneKickboxing 38+kg
Brandon Fusco
Brandon FuscoKickboxing 38+kg
George Williams
George WilliamsKickboxing 38+kg
Joby Penny
Joby PennySport Boxing 30+kg

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