Levi Murray
Levi MurraySport Boxing 32+kg

WCA S/Area JNR Sport Boxing Champion

Oli Kilgor
Oli KilgorSport Boxing 46+kg
3 x WKU Welsh Junior Kickboxing Champion
Joseph Perkins
Joseph PerkinsKickboxing 35kg (J)
Tyler Rogers
Tyler RogersSport Boxing 30+kg
Taya Penny
Taya PennyKickboxing, K1 Rules 37+kg
Fred Fuidge
Fred FuidgeKickboxing 38+kg
Robbie Sweetin
Robbie SweetinKickboxing 38+kg

WCA Celtic Kickboxing Champion
Junior @38kg

Harvey Keane
Harvey KeaneKickboxing 38+kg
Brandon Fusco
Brandon FuscoKickboxing 38+kg
George Williams
George WilliamsKickboxing 38+kg
Joby Penny
Joby PennySport Boxing 30+kg

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